Wood Fence Services

In addition to installing custom cedar fences, we also offer a variety of other services; usually you will get a written bid for all work. You will find our prices competitive and our quality of materials and workmanship top notch.

Many times customers are unsure about the steps involved in getting a project going and quite often a lot of their questions get answered on the first visit to the property. We look forward to meeting and working with new customers as well as seeing repeat customers.

Below we outline our fence installation process:

1) Set fence posts for customers who want to build their own fence.

2) Dig holes, whether for a fence, deck, carport, mailbox, etc.

3) Install sonotubes and concrete, decks, carports etc.

4) Removal and disposal of old fences, usually we only do this if we are building you a new fence.

5) Fence repairs are done on a case by case basis as time allows.

Specifications for cedar fences:

Poles: 4' x 4' pressure treated posts, set approximately 30" deep in ground. Minimum of 80 lbs of concrete installed around each post.

Rails: 2' x 4' rails are outdoor wood, brown in color, and are treated to resist rotting.

Vertical Boards: 1' x 6' Western red cedar, no holes in boards. Can be flat top or dog eared.

Gates: Gates are custom made at each job, using same materials as listed above. Gate frames are screwed together. Heavy-duty hinges and latches are used. Gate hardware is black in color.

Hardware: All screws, nails and brackets are galvanized for outdoor use.

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